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Av Creative reader - Onsdag 26 maj 12:00

Live with a Stranger


I live with a stranger

I walk on the edge

the future is nowhere

I'm up on a ledge


tomorrow's in danger

and I feel so lost

the music is playing

I'm covered in rust


Where is my future

where is my hope

where is my lover

my necklace's a rope



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Av Creative reader - Tisdag 25 maj 12:00



your kiss

like the ocean

leaves me


for more


in your eyes

holding on

to your love



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Av Creative reader - Måndag 24 maj 12:00


I touch


to feel

that you



and not

a ghost

of my imagination





#MicroPoetry #Twitter #Dikt

Av Creative reader - Söndag 23 maj 12:01

Join me


join me

in my dreams

so the night

can't keep us




#MicroPoetry #Twitter #Dikt

Av Creative reader - Måndag 10 maj 12:00

Your time to Fly


you fell and couldn't get up

held out my hand

gained your trust

you learnt to smile

showed me what is was to cry

you showed me love

then time to say good bye

you fund your way

and now it's your time to fly


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Av Creative reader - Söndag 9 maj 09:08

A thousand Poems


the way you looked at me

told me more

than a thousand poems



#MicroPoetry #Poem #Twitter #Passion


Av Creative reader - Torsdag 8 april 15:57

Hi! It's been a while I know.

But I have been sort of busy lately.

If you didn't know I have started writing interviews "In the Spotlight" for a indie radiostation called

So jump over and listen too some cool music and read some interesting interviews and a lot of other cool stuff.


Cya next time!

Av Creative reader - Måndag 29 mars 09:29





The Full interview



First of all I want to thank you guys for taking or your busy scheduel to do this for me. 

So tell us, Who are Kaiser and the Machines of Creation?

Paul Kaiser (PK): KMC3 is the creation of me, extending from  my computer to real people, being the band... nothing better than real people playing.

Steve Anderson (SA): Hello, I am Steve...and I play bass.

Matt Redmond (MR): I'm Matt. I play keys.


*We are currently auditioning drummers!


"Kaiser and the Machines of Creation" what is the story behind the name?

PKI have always written politically and so it has always been easier to throw down some tracks in the studio and then present them to the band...and so my studio is the original 'Machine of Creation'.

Was music always your first love, and if not, what did you do, and how come you ended up doing music?

PK: Music has always been my number one passion, everything revolves around it and always has. Personally I have had many jobs, with the occasional flight of fancy thinking that I might be over music. "HARDLY" LOL

MRPretty much. I've played piano since I was four and grew up on a steady diet of both classical music and rock, so it's always been part of my life.

SA: It's always been my passion as well, and since high school I haven't not been in a band or two.

Have you always had the same main instrument that you play or has that changed over the years?

MR: I played clarinet for a while (my school didn't offer saxophone at the time (:laughing:) and then guitar in the 90s, because grunge. I still play guitar in addition to piano, but clarinet not so much.

PK: I have had many guitars over the years... was a Stratocaster player earlier,  then went Ibanez for a few years. Had a play with Les Paul's for years in a project. But then I finally got back to my beloved Stratocaster. Nothing better.

SA: I have a stack of basses, so change them up a lot. For years my main bass was an Aria Pro, like Cliff Burtons, but now I don't really have a main guitar as such.



"Flowers and Lies" is a brilliant album.

What inspired you to write it?

PK : Thank you very much! I had been searching for the right formula for years... members, presentation and musical direction so as to have the directional focus. Once the band came together, I already unknowingly had half the album written. Then I wrote Flowers and Lies, this was the catalyst for everything.



The video to "Flowers and Lies" just blew my mind.

How did you come up with the story to it?

and how was the video to create?

PK: The story, as all my lyrics are about me. What I think and how I feel in particular. I have coupled my words with metaphors to disguise my feelings and co associated other meanings very intentionally.

SA: It was great fun making the video and going through the whole process was a great experience. From the time we started checking out the locations, getting all the elements together ourselves - it was very cool to do and we are very glad you like it!


With so many good songs, you just know there must be so much hard work behind every one.

Where do you find your inspiration?

MRAsk Paul :laughing...

PK: To me, music is not about musical brilliance (that's nice) it is about how it makes you feel. I am very theoretical about what I do, I love the math of it, but it is all about what you feel.

How do you rehearse?

PK: We have pro rehearsal rooms not far from my house. During the cv19, everything stopped but basic set up, I conduct my band as we rehearse... stop, discuss, restart. Do it again... and again... etc.

SA: Paul prepares demo's of the tracks in his home studio and we get to spend a bit of time with them, learning the arrangements etc. and then we will get to together in the studio and rehearse and rehearse them within an inch of their lives :)

Do you have a favorite song you like to warm up with?

SA: Not necessarily a favourite song, but we do just free-form jam and play around a little before we start to go through the songs in earnest...

MR: Some of the older pieces are fun to play around with. There's some great neo-classical runs that Paul wrote which are good to get the blood flowing!

PK: Personally no,  I always warm up prior rehearsal. The guys usually come in straight after their work day, so can be difficult at times.

Some favorite beverage to warm up the voice?

PK: Olive oil or almond oil with water. I don't drink. Besides insane amounts of coffee. Lol

MR: Tea. Or whisky.

and is it a difference between an "ordinary" band practice and the warmup you do before recording or doing a show?

PK: Warming up is always the same, play routines, stretching, focus on the show and relaxing.

MR: For me, not much. A bit more focus on choosing sounds when working on new songs or entering the studio.

SA: The difference for me would be trying to keep the nerves in check if there is a recording session or a live show, because for me at least, it can be quite nerve wracking.

What would you say are the big advantages in being a band instead of a solo artist?

PK: Friendships are always nice, my band members are cool people. Communication "the big one".  Setting up rehearsals and chatting about our days is always good.

In your days off from working on your music, what is your favorite thing to do?

PK: Think about music, play more. Go to the shops.... think about music,  play more...

SA: Sleep!

MR: Spending time with my kids, and reading when they'll let me.



When covid is under control and you can finally do live shows again, where do you want to play?

SA: Everywhere! 

PK: I want to tour OS. eventually to live OS.  Australia is a beautiful country, but unfortunately it holds very little for an act like KMC3

MR: Anywhere, really. Just to be able to start playing live again would be great.

and for a bit of fun

In the tourbus of your dreams, which of the following would be most important to you and why.

A. A great soundsystem so you can listen to music.

B. A place for you to play your instruments.

C. A gaming area.

D. A place to relax.

PK: I mostly do not listen to music all that much. I find it jades my thinking. So long as all the gear fits in the bus, whatever. I don't play games, except maybe cards. Relaxing is very important to all, rock n roll life is fun, but for longevity and sanity... A nice place to relax.

MR: A place to relax. Next option is a place to play instruments.

SA: Yep. I choose a place to relax as days can be gruelling so having somewhere to kick back afterwards would be the first choice.

And what is the one thing you want to tell your fans?

PK: We have just signed a distribution agreement with an international company, so we hope you will hear a lot more about us in the coming months. I am writing new tunes for the next album and some may be released early. I absolutely love our fans, so looking forward to meeting you all from all over the world.

SA: We are currently also prepping a second video from the album for the song 'Institute' so keep your eyes out for that being finished in a month or two, but to the fans? Thank you!! We are so happy that people are liking what we do! The reception from the album has been so great so we have smiles a mile wide. Thank you too, C! Your support means everything to us!!

And what is the one thing you would like to tell the music industry?

PK:  🤐😉
SA: Breathe, damn you...breathe!


Thank you so much guys for doing this.

and I hope we will be hearing a lot more from you in the future!




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